HSBC tariff calculator

Crunch the numbers to find the best business bank account

HSBC revamped its business bank account offerings in 2013. I supported this with a refresh of the online business account journeys, taking a user-centred design approach.

Here's the business home page after the rework:

To go with this I suggested we give small business customers a tool to help them compare the costs of the two main accounts.

I put together some concepts in Balsamiq.

These included some typical customer profiles - for instance someone with an eBay store handling lots of online transactions. I imagined this would give customers something to play with and get them started with entering details. The business felt it would be tricky to define typical customers so we left it out.

I produced the functional spec and a high fidelity Visio. It would have been great to get a visual designer on it. The budget was tight on the journeys refresh work and HSBC were yet to get an in-house designer so I ran with it.

Over the years the tool has had some tweaks including the addition of new transaction types and is still live.

See the HSBC tarrif calculator.