HSBC Corporate Banking concepts

A new take on Corporate Banking for the HSBC website

The Corporate Banking Marketing Manager wanted to make more of HSBC’s online presence. I did too.

Corporate is more about relationship than product. Could we make the website a starting point for a conversation? What kind of conversation?

I arranged a workshop with HSBC corporate relationship managers and the marketing manager. The aim was to paint a picture of what it was like to be a Chief Financial Officer in a multinational. We came away with an understanding of likely pain points and themes.

I came up with concepts to show how this could look. The main IA was centred on key business goals. Each goal was presented against a backdrop of analysis and commentary on key markets - demonstrating HSBC credentials. And, addressing a pain point of ‘it’s lonely at the top’, we showed how HSBC could support, by helping navigate opportunities and risks.

Then, working with the editor and writers of HSBC’s offline mag Corporate World, I produced high fidelity pages with a selection of real copy. I put these into remote user testing with agency Foolproof.

In the meantime, other global initiatives took precedence. All the same, testing showed a few tweaks were needed to the idea but customer reaction was very positive.