StubHub Joshua v Klitschko primary ticket onsale

Creating a primary ticket sales experience for StubHub

StubHub UK forged a partnership with Matchroom Boxing, landing the gig of primary ticket seller for Joshua v Klitschko. It would be one of the biggest fights in boxing history.

Thing is, StubHub is set up for resale, not the ticket volumes and intense demand of a major event onsale. StubHub's 55,000 ticket allocation of the 90,000 total was expected to sell out in about 1 hour.

With me in content / UX working with the product, partnerships and supply teams, we figured out how to get StubHub to operate like a primary (and resale) ticket seller, handle the numbers and give customers a great experience.

It involved a queuing system and an intricate set of pages, some designed to look like the regular StubHub browse flow, released at scheduled times before, during and after the onsale.

With a general concept battened down, I:

  • UX and content designed a new linchpin price point selection page
  • fleshed out and documented the user journeys and page release schedules, creating accompanying visuals and content - invaluable in helping us understand what would happen when and getting partner sign off
  • managed page visual design, development and QA across 3 time zones - UK, India, USA
  • collaborated on the step by step ticket sale playbook
  • managed content deployments including critical onsale releases

With a massive team effort it all totally worked. We used the same system for Capital FM Summertime and Jingle Bell Ball primary ticket onsales, and more Anthony Joshua events.

In my time at StubHub this experience generated $XX million of sales. 

I received a StubHub award for my efforts.