Tesco leaflets, advertorials and posters

Getting Tesco's message out about healthy and ethical eating


Communications agency SOUK proposed to client Tesco a range of in-store leaflets to tell their customers about eating and living more healthily.

We covered a dozen topics in all. For each topic, I:

  • Drafted content structures and prepped flat plans to get the designer going. The offline equivalent of wireframes, if you like.
  • Researched and wrote copy
  • Wrangled numerous rounds of client amends to keep content meaningful


Tesco wanted customers to know that Fair Trade was not a passing fad and could be part of a weekly shop.

SOUK’s approach included running advertorials aimed at opinion formers, showing how Tesco was helping change the lives of farmers and workers around the world.

To create the 12 advertorials we worked in the same way as for the leaflets.

Me getting the topics, structure and copy together. The designer making things look good.

At the time, Tesco expanded its Fair Trade range to 80 products and had 30% of the UK Fair Trade market.


The guy in charge of healthy and ethical eating ranges at Tesco wanted to show colleagues the great work he was doing. He commissioned a set of posters to put up at Tesco HQ.

Yep you’re right - I wrote the copy and the designer designed them.